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Overview: How $3 Traffic School Works offers an amazingly easy and low cost way to take traffic school online and fix a traffic ticket. If you want to learn more about how it all works and see a detailed, step-by-step explanation of our traffic school process, just click the 'How It Works' button!

How It Works!

Two Big Reasons to Take $3 Traffic School

Sure, 3dollarschool is amazingly cheap, but the real savings' benefits from taking traffic school are that your driving record will be kept clean and auto insurance rates won't increase.

Keeps Traffic Ticket Off Your Record

Keeps Your Insurance from Increasing

Complete Overview: How 3dollarschool Works

If you want ALL the details about how traffic school works, then this tutorial is for you. Let us walk you through the process, step by step, from start (getting your traffic ticket) to finish (completing traffic school and clearing the ticket from your driving record).

  1. You receive a traffic ticket for a moving violation
  2. Contact the county court listed on your traffic ticket and request traffic school
  3. With permission from the county court to take traffic school, you are ready to enroll
  4. Click the 'Start $3 Traffic School' button below to get our exclusive $3 traffic school deal with our 100% DMV and Court approved traffic school provider (or click here to get started)
  5. Register online in just minutes and gain instant access to their DMV Licensed and Court Approved traffic school course
  6. Complete the easy online course before your traffic school due date (this due date will be provided by your court)
  7. After you pass the course, your completion will be delivered electronically to your court for processing with the DMV, for FREE
  8. Once the court and DMV have made record of your traffic school completion, your traffic ticket will be hidden from your driving record and your insurance rates will not increase
  9. You're all done!
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